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Our Story

Anthony, Vincent, cousin Mike and David Vitale opened Pazzo’s Pizza in 1993.  This business is founded by strong and tight family roots, where their Italian background is part of the experience. The food is prepared fresh daily, and everything is homemade: breads, pizza dough, and sauces, from recipes handed down by their grandparents, Antonio and Antonina Vitale, and family. Anthony and David founded this restaurant to honor them.


David and Anthony's grandparents raised seven children, one being their father, before moving the family to America. Coming from a small fishing village in Sicily, Aspra, they first traveled to the east coast of the United States, Buffalo, New York, where the cold weather inspired their grandfather to seek better climates in the country. After two years in Buffalo, the family then moved to San Diego. With the family came their strong Italian tradition and heritage.


Pazzo's is their attempt to always keep family, tradition and respect number one in their lives. David and his sons continue their work every day to carry on the family legacy.


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